The SaaS Offering of WorkSight in the Cloud

We are always looking for ways to make it easier for customers to purchase and use Resonance products. An obvious solution is offering WorkSight in the SaaS (Software as a Service) model in combination with the cost-efficiency of the cloud.

Today, the dream is a reality and we launched our .NET-based Workforce Management solution as a managed service in the Windows Azure cloud! With WorkSight.NET we’re bringing technology to the masses that until now was only available to enterprise clients with extensive infrastructure.

SaaS offers a cost-efficient alternative to owning and administering time and attendance applications.

Outsourcing time and attendance allows the organization to enjoy the benefits of the technology with less risk and fewer responsibilities.

Purchasing software isn’t the best option for all companies, particularly companies that are small and mid-sized in terms of the number of employees and the size of the IT and HR/Payroll areas.

If funding, resources, and expertise are lacking, it may make sense to consider a hosted version of WorkSight. Another benefit of this hosted option is data security and access to the latest technology at no additional cost. The SaaS model may be worth considering if your company is otherwise not ready for the responsibilities of full ownership.

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