Schedule employees around a production schedule

Workforce management software needs to schedule employees around a production schedule — not just around employee preferences and constraints.

Workforce management applications represent 24 percent of the overall human capital management (HCM) applications market.6 That’s almost a quarter of the HCM market dedicated to workforce management software. But there’s a problem …
In the unionized labor environment, an organization’s labor requirements are incredibly important. Sometimes lives are at stake. Medical professionals need to make sure patients are cared for 24/7.

The same is true for factory workers who need to ensure machines are running and producing at capacity. If you shut down some of these machines due to employee availability issues, you may not meet customer orders.

And yet — more often than not — the large workforce management players can’t configure for unionized labor issues around scheduling, leave management, and timekeeping. It’s a big problem in the HCM market, and it’s one that WorkSight is primed to solve.

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