Unionized Labour Needs Configurable Workforce Management Software

It’s Time for Workforce Management Software to Meet Union Needs

Unionized workers will always make up a healthy percentage of the workforce. The numbers are pretty impressive.

In the U.S. alone, 14.6 million wage and salary workers are union members. That’s more people than the entire state of Illinois.

Public sector workers have a union membership rate of 34.4 percent — more than five times higher than private sector workers (6.4 percent). The public sector is heavily represented when it comes to unions. But is workforce management software adjusting to its size and needs?

For the public sector, local government has the highest rate of union membership at 40.3 percent, which includes teachers, police officers, and firefighters. We all know local government comes with a lot of complex payment rules. Is workforce management software keeping up with all the intricacies that come with union rules?

In the private sector, industries with high union utilization rates are utilities (21.5 percent), transportation and warehousing (18.4 percent), telecommunications (14.6 percent), construction (13.9 percent), and educational services (12.3 percent).

More likely than not, these union workers and their organizations rely on workforce management software to see that work gets completed. And this software market is pretty big.

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