Benefits of Workforce Management

What Type of Business Benefits?
The many benefits of workforce management (WFM) are available to any business of any size that pays the bulk of their employees on an hourly basis. WFM is not one-size-fits-all; the software can be personalized to fit the needs of any business.

The Benefits of Workforce Management Scheduling and Reporting
From project commencement to completion WFM allows administrative personnel to instantly view employee productivity through access to scheduled time vs actual time spent on a project or task. WFM also forecasts how the project is affected by scheduling or non-adherence to scheduling.
View and adjust assignment to projects and how they are affected by vacation or leave schedules. The benefit here exists in that before a project begins, the workforce management system reports how the project will be affected by approved leave time. The software can adjust available employee work schedules to the project automatically in order to meet deadlines.
Real-time reports provide data for making immediate adjustments to work order scheduling at the supervisory level. Customized reports can be created that have analyzed the specific query of productivity highlighting successes or challenges to management.

Workforce Management reporting expands to more than scheduling. Any parameter query can be corralled and used for analysis.

Absenteeism Without Profiling
For many companies, disciplinary actions for employees taking advantage of absenteeism policies were identified by how that employee stands out to administrative oversight. For example, employees with robust personalities might be noticed absent more than those with the same absenteeism trends who quietly work each day without notice.
With workforce management you can immediately and without bias, notice absenteeism trends as they pertain to a particular employee. More, you can identify a trend in a project or task employees are assigned to that result in higher absenteeism.You can also create alerts when disciplinary action is required as well as notice trends when unapproved time off results in employee sick time.

Remove the Workload from Admin
With the ability for employees to perform self-service activities such as shift bidding, swaps, and requests for time off, workforce management benefits the administrative department by removing the need to take the time to make these decisions. At the same time the adjustment is visible to management for their interactive input.

Create Your Own Benefit – Improve Metrics and Instill Employee Pride
Another major benefit with integrating workforce management productivity improvement exists in the motivational aspects management can instill in staff by simply making the data available to them. Place a monitor in view of the participants; real-time reporting for productivity is always available for employees to monitor, instilling the wish for employees to excel by competing with other teams either onsite or remotely. Set your bar for excellence whether it is average handling time, sales, project completion without error or percentage of error. Any metric you choose can become a competition with rewards ranging from a gift certificate for coffee at the favorite local coffee house, to in-house perks like a prized parking space for a period of time or being supervisor for a period of time in the day. The creativity can be fun for management and provide pride in performance as well as bragging rights for employees.
The benefits of WFM are vast when you have exact data at hand at any time, from anywhere, ranging from an individual, to a team, to a branch location.


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