Workforce Management in a Small Call Center

Workforce Management in a Small Call Center


One of the main benefits  of Workforce Management (WFM) is that the software available  fits all business sizes. Feature packages can be hand selected and expanded when needed. From a one location call center, a call center with branches around the world, or a call center department within your own business. All call centers face the same client supplied matrix requirements.

The questions that might be asked are:

  • How efficient and thus, profitable, do you want your call center to be?
  • Do you want a higher volume from your current clients?
  • How professional do you want to present yourself to your potential clients?
  • How large do you want your human resource and administrative departments to be?
  • How much do you want to grow your site?
  • How easy will it be to grow?

The answer to these questions is easier to answer if you employ Workforce Management Software

In today’s technology, efficiency cannot be any simpler than when you utilize WFM.

–  Timekeeping

–  Scheduling

–  Leave Management

–  Absence and Discipline

–  Analytics

All of these time consuming and costly procedures and oversights are handled and provided on any computer and as a small call center grows, are accessible in the next city or globally. Your current clients will recognize your adept application of scheduling for varying call volumes, and your future clients will be more likely to consider you based upon you success with current clients as well as simply reporting how your call center employs WFM.

Profitability improves with efficiency as well as avoiding a top heavy site. Past practice has mandated the use of spread sheets which are manually created and empirically analyzed. With Workforce Management Software  (WFMS), data can be analyzed quickly and without bias. For example analyze average handling time (AHT) to metric achievement per employee or per team. Analyze sales to AHT.   Analyze willingness to recommend (WTR) to the satisfaction the customer perceives with the representative. Analytics are boundless. Whatever you require WFM to track can be compared, analyzed and reported based on the parameters you set.

As your call center grows workforce management analytics adapts taking the growth of your workforce into consideration with performance levels.  Workforce Management simplifies growth.

The last question is: How can you run a profitable call center without WFM?

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