Absence & Discipline

WorkSight. Simplify resource planning, tracking, and compensation.

WorkSight Attendance Excellence

  • Manage absence and late policies using a points-based system embedded directly into your time and attendance process
  • Set up and monitor point thresholds where actions are required
  • Spot more complex issues such as reciprocal absenteeism and unapproved time off requests that turn into sick days
  • Automated alerts are pushed out to leadership
Absence & Discipline
Track the causes of absenteeism
Reduce the cost of absenteeism
Deal with cases of excessive absenteeism effectively and fairly to produce deterrence.

Configure Discipline Progressions

Automate your attendance policy detailing the disciplinary consequences of poor attendance.

Monitor Absenteeism Patterns

Outline what constitutes an absence occurrence or pattern of occurrences that will result in disciplinary action.

Ensure Employees Give Sufficient Notice

Enforce notification procedures in the event an employee fails to come to work as scheduled.

Manage data and rule sets for payment and reporting of employee activity, increasing efficiency, visibility & accuracy.