WorkSight. Simplify resource planning, tracking and compensation.

Worksight Scheduler

  • Track training for each employee, see when it needs to be renewed and change the status when it has been completed.
  • Build schedules dictated by policies, regulations, safety, demand and availability.
  • Track Multiple Levels of Seniority, Skills & Qualifications.
  • Consider labor factors that limit what can be done: qualifications, skills, preferences, seniority, cost, total hours worked, availability and proximity to work.
  • Handle complex and variable shift patterns, lines of progression.
  • Schedule labor pools, extra boards or spare hands.
  • Manage overtime call in procedures and call logging.
Model multiple types of organizations independently & simultaneously.
Manage staffing of both employees and contingent labor in one place.
Schedule vacancies are obvious; filling vacancies are simple.
Restructure your organization at any time—past, present, or future—without relying on IT.
Built-in error checking.

Variable Demand Schedules

Based purely on demand, unpredictable.

Continuous Schedules

Businesses that operate 24/7, 365 days a year, with equal levels of workload around the clock or unbalanced loads varying by shift.

Rotation Schedules

Shift patterns attempt to establish some stability in the schedule while equalizing the burden of working undesirable shift times.

Manage various types of absence and leave activities and programs.