WorkSight. Simplify resource planning, tracking, and compensation.

WorkSight Timecards

  • Integration with your electronic swipe in / out devices with zero touch processing
  • Schedules flow through to the time card automatically without rekeying
  • Compute daily and weekly overtime, call time and job based premiums
  • Record effort by work order
  • Compute shift differential and job rate rules
  • Automatically record hours and costs by account, product line and more
  • Full support for swipe time rounding policy, pyramiding, shift differentials, job rate rules and more
  • Built in support for your check out process such as audit reports and post period adjustments
Approvals force accountability
Historical edit features maintain accuracy in any time frame
Calculate paid time off

Control Costs

Compliance and avoiding pyramiding could be the easiest solutions to controlling costs.

Enhance Cost Accounting

Accurate costs accounting relies on accurate data (fewer corrected pay checks), attributing costs to the proper cost center and time frame, and timely reporting.

Use The Past To Predict The Future

The full employment history for any employee.

Designed to support weekly work order planning, employee work order scheduling and employee time capture by work order