Work Order Scheduling

WorkSight. Simplify resource planning, tracking, and compensation.

WorkSight Work Order Scheduling

  • Utilize Available Hours From Employee Schedule
  • Import Work Order Backlog for Centralized Maintenance Management System of Create in WorkSight
  • Plan Weekly Work Order Schedules
  • Assign Employees to specific work orders
  • Prepopulate Employees Timesheets based on Work Order Schedules
  • Export actual work performance against work orders back to Centralized Maintenance Management System or Payroll System
Work Order Scheduling
Generate and view planned vs actual reports
Handle break-in work orders in real-time
Retrieve data needed to schedule work orders automatically

Plays Well With The Rest Of WorkSight

Fully integrated with the WorkSight scheduling and timekeeping modules. Your CMMS backlog, employee schedules and timecards in your place.

Track Last Minute Changes

Break-Ins and changes to employee availability are instantly visible.

Plays Well With Others

Support SAP, Maximo, JDE, Avantis etc.

Designed to let employees get what they need, when they need it.