Workforce Analytics

WorkSight. Simplify resource planning, tracking, and compensation.

WorkSight Workforce Analytics & Reporting

  • Existing report library is already set up. Your data is all there, neatly compiled and ready to view.
  • Real time reports provide data for making decisions when it matters, not after it is too late.
  • Filter, group, and sort just about every piece of data in the WorkSight system.
Workforce Analytics
Align decisions with corporate objectives by using business indicators.
Use labor data to hit business targets, and improve performance.
Merge business intel from other systems with WorkSight for maximum effectiveness.

Make Better Decisions

No matter what method or system is used to create schedules, there is a decision process that presents ample opportunity to make a good or bad decision. Analyzing data leads to better decisions.

Build a Smarter Workforce

WorkSight actually gets smarter over time as data about your organization builds and records grow concerning employee’s performance and activities.

Detect Data Variances

Totals for nonproductive time relative to output may reveal things about staffing levels that are otherwise undetectable.

Schedule smarter and faster. Create conflict-free schedules, copy shifts, and more.