Employee Scheduling

Employee scheduling is about more than the employee. It's about your business and your teams, too. WorkSight Flows considers all components of the optimal schedule, taking your business demands, organization rules and regulations, and employee preferences and constraints into consideration.

Schedule Your Jobs Your Way

A configurable system is a powerful one. Being able to configure an appropriate shift pattern that matches the specific needs of your organization will do more for you than your run-of-the-mill scheduling system. WorkSight Flow offers robust out-of-the-box tools that are quick to set up and easy to use.

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Configurable Organization Structure

With customizable areas and groups, you can set up the system to perfectly reflect your organization at a variety of levels. With our enterprise plan, you can even easily view and compare data across multiple locations.

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Everything in One Place

WorkSight Flow's employee scheduling system is the basis of creating employee timecards and breaking the hours worked to gross amounts via the application of Rules to create data to export to any payroll system used to pay the employees correctly. All components of Flow are hosted on a single database platform, so the same data feeds all components, views, and reports seamlessly.

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Define Recurring Shift Patterns

You know the shift patterns that work best for your organization. Rather than having to set up the proper shift pattern each week, you can create and define your shift patterns and see them generate automatically!

Protect Against Human Error

The automation that WorkSight Flow offers takes into account all your business rules, employee qualifications, and federal legislation when generating your schedule, eliminating the errors often incurred by manual scheduling. With built-in error checking and notifications, you will be reducing errors and saving money.

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Scheduling Exceptions and Error Notifications

As your schedule changes, WorkSight Flow continues to validate that your schedule is compliant with your company work rules, and notifies you of any errors in your schedule.

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Add Additional Activities into Employee Schedules

It's easy to add additional activities into individual and group schedules. Need to schedule a safety meeting for an entire shift crew? With WorkSight Flow it's easy to do!

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Employee Data Management

Keep a detailed account of employee job qualifications, skills, tickets, seniorities, and their effective ranges, and so much more. With this high-level tracking, Flow can ensure that only qualified employees are scheduled in certain areas.

Empower Your Employees

Our easy-to-use self-service mobile app allows for employees to actively check and request time off, view their schedules, edit their timesheets, and other personal data. This not only helps increase your employee satisfaction but also gives your schedulers more opportunity to focus on bigger issues than time off requests.

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Easily Fill Vacancies

Filling schedule vacancies can be a huge task. There are strict rules in most unionized environments regarding the order that employees must be called for filling vacancies. The rules we write around this will automatically create a list of employees per vacancy, sorted on specific conditions based on the organization’s call-in policies.

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Customize Employee Access

Control access for different types of employees: The great thing about our software is that everyone can access the data they need—but only within the permissions you control.

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WorkSight Flow Mobile App

With the WorkSight Flow mobile app employees have 24/7 access to their schedule and can easily see a list of their upcoming shift assignments and days off.

Configurable Data Displays

Your schedule needs to work for you. With WorkSight Flow, you're able to adapt and configure your schedule display however you need. With two different schedule views, a variety of card displays for more data, and an intuitive interface to help make your editing process as painless as possible, WorkSight Flow works for anyone!

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Schedule Views

Your schedule can be displayed with either a job-focused or employee-focused layout. With the Job Schedule view, you can display the different functional areas of the company, jobs, and shifts that are needed to complete the required work. In the Employee Schedule view, you can display the employees from the different functional areas of the company, jobs, and shifts they are assigned/scheduled to.

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Card Displays

View relevant details in your job cards, employee cards, and shift cards. Job Cards display relevant details on the job being worked with. Employee Cards display relevant details on the employee being worked with. Shift Cards display relevant details of the shift being worked with.

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Intuitive Schedule Editing

In the schedule, it's easy to make edits. Our multitask editor allows you to do batch editing of multiple shifts or employees. Our drag-and-drop reordering makes swapping shifts easier. Just click it, drag it, and drop it. Want to duplicate a shift? We’ve also incorporated copy and paste into our editor allowing you to perform a cut or a copy/paste to move shifts around on the Schedule Views.

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