Leave Management

Leave management becomes easy when you've got a system like ours. WorkSight Flow helps manage all stages of the leave management process; application, approval/rejection, managing leave balance, and analysis.

Make Informed Business Decisions

Managing payroll goes hand in hand with leave management. When there is an error or miscommunication in your leave tracking records, payroll errors tend to follow. WorkSight Flow helps your business have clear time off records so leadership can make informed business decisions (like determining staffing needs, budgets, and timelines).

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Eliminate Leave Overdraws Image

Eliminate Leave Overdraws

The comprehensive entitlement balance in WorkSight Flow's Leave management system is referred to for each time-off request, helping to prevent accidental vacation overdraws.

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Manage Statutory Holidays

Integrate holidays into schedules and timekeeping and planning for holiday shortages and premium payments are essential when trying to optimize human capital.

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Monitor Absenteeism Patterns

With WorkSight Flow you can easily track and view all absences for a day, week, or quarter, allowing you to easily pick up on patterns of excessive absenteeism effectively and address them.

Enforce Organizational Policy Compliance

WorkSight Flow is built to adapt to your organization's rules and needs. It is specifically set up for your organization to aid in the enforcement of absence-related policies related to time-off and accruals rules; federal, state, and company leave requirements; and organizational attendance policies.

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Create Custom Leave Types

Every company has unique leave management requirements. WorkSight Flow's leave management system allows you to configure custom leave and absence reasons allowing you the perfect selection of leave types for your organization.

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Manage Approval Workflow

Need to keep some people in the loop? WorkSight Flow lets you set up a sequence of steps, through which a time off request passes from request to approval.

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Manage Time Off Request Restriction Periods

Want to restrict the periods when a time-off request can be submitted? Maybe you want requests in by a certain date, or don't want requests submitted too far in advance. WorkSight Flow can help you manage the request period.

Approve More Time Off

By using our flexible time off planning environment and data visibility options, WorkSight Flow helps enable employees to make informed vacation requests that are more likely to be approved. This keeps your employee satisfaction up, and your schedulers' workloads lighter!

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Calculate Employee Entitlements

With the access you grant WorkSight Flow, the system can look at an employee's history and settings and do the entitlement calculations for you.

Support Expiry and Carry Forward Policies Image

Support Expiry and Carry Forward Policies

WorkSight Flow works to adapt to your rules and policies. Having these rules and policies in your system helps keep them enforced and gives less opportunity for errors to be made.

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WorkSight Flow Mobile App

With the WorkSight Flow mobile app, employees have 24/7 access to their time-off accruals, can make new time-off requests, and can view the approval status of their requests.

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