WorkSight Flow Features

Powerful employee scheduling, time off planning, time capture and gross pay calculations for your specific ways of working. Regardless if you're a small, medium or large business.

Scheduling Module

Schedule staff to different shifts and locations without overlap or conflict; quickly notify them of any changes.

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Job Schedule View

Displays the different functional areas of the company, jobs, and shifts that are needed to complete the required work. In addition, it provides a definitive guide to the employees assigned and scheduled to these jobs.

Employee Schedule View

Displays the employees from the different functional areas of the company, jobs, and shifts they are assigned/scheduled to. In addition, it provides a definitive guide to the time off these employees may have.

Validation Error Notifications

Displays an error message when a defined scheduling validation check fails.

Job Card

Displays relevant details on the job being worked with, such as: occupation, assigned employee, start and end dates, and shift pattern.

Employee Card

Displays relevant details on the employee being worked with, such as: name, contact information, seniorities, qualifications, and skills.

Shift Card

Displays relevant details of the shift being worked with, such as: employee, start and end times, work and absence reasons, and breaks.

Multitask Editor

Batch editing allows for applying adjustments to lots of shifts, quickly.

Drag and Drop Reordering

True drag & drop scheduling makes swapping shifts easier. Just click it, drag it, and drop it.

Copy and Paste Shifts

Perform a cut or a copy/paste to move shifts around on the Schedule Views.

Leave Management Module

Manage all stages of the leave management process; application, approval/rejection, leave balances, and analysis.

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Time Off Calendar View

View all time off requests and their status on a calendar.

Time Off Calendar List

Navigate important time off information like requesters and request dates more easily with the new grid-like structure.

Time Off Approval Workflows

Setup a sequence of steps, through which a time off request passes from request to approval.

Multiple Leave Types

Track legally mandated leave and other company specific leave options.

Track Time Off Balances

Easily track and share your employees total time off balances with them.

Validation Error Notifications

Displays an error message when a defined time off validation check fails.

Timecard Module

Track the real-time events of your employee’s workday. WorkSight Flow's rules and tools ensure accurate compensation.

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Timecard View

Show a list of employees and their detailed daily timecard(s) for the date range selected.

Summary View

Shows a list of the employees who have timecards within a Group with the error count, total hours per reason code/factor combination, and gross earnings for the selected date range.

Timecard Testing Tool

Specifically designed to test the impact of gross pay rule changes. Accelerates test coverage and streamlines maintenance.

Autogenerate from Schedule

Automatically generate timecards based on the employees scheduled shifts and time off.

Record Exceptions on Timecard

Only required to edit timecards when actual time worked is different than the planned/scheduled time.

Record Work Order # on Timecard

Use this process to enter all the various types of work order related time for Plant Maintenance (PM) personnel.

Custom Gross Pay Rules

Initiate, add, or modify pay rules triggered by timecard changes or time-based conditions such as: overtime, holiday pay, skills premium, job rates, and account codes.

Timecard Approval Workflows

Setup a sequence of steps, through which a timecard passes from outstanding to approved.

Validation Error Notifications

Displays an error message when a defined time card validation check fails.

Timecard Batches

Batch timecards into separate groups for easier processing.

Pay Periods

Establish a consistent pay period for your employees. Also known as payroll frequency, pay frequency, payroll period, and payroll schedule.


Connect your employees to their schedule, time-off requests, and timecards, promoting self-service and saving everyone time.

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Employee Access to Schedules

Employees can view a detailed account of their schedule, including start and end times, activity details, work location, and breaks.

Employee Access to Time Off Balance

Employees can check PTO accrued, remaining sick time available, and banked overtime.

Submit Time Off Requests

Employees can make time off and vacation requests within the app.

Sign off on Timecards

Employees have the ability to sign off on their timecards right within the app.

View/Edit Timecard Info

Employees can view and edit their actual work hours for the current work period.

Available on IOS and Android

This application is available for both IOS and Android devices.

Organization Management

Organize your jobs and make quick changes.

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Flow's organizational hierarchy scales from small companies all the way up to enterprises.

Custom Organization Fields

Capture your company specific data in organization fields. Set business rules or sort/group views around these fields.

Custom Shift Patterns

Create and save any shift pattern your mind can come up with for easy repeated use in any location.

Work Reasons

Create and set your own custom work reasons to help further define the shifts in your schedule.

Absence Reasons

Create and set your own custom work reasons to help further define the absences in your schedule.

Employee Management

Know and track all aspects of your employees.

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Track Qualifications

Keep a detailed account of employee job qualifications and effective ranges.

Track Skills

Keep a detailed account of employee skills.

Track Seniority

Track employee seniority dates and numbers/ranks.

Track Preferences

Track employee preferences (e.g., shift, job, machine)

Track Restrictions

Track the jobs or shifts which employees are restricted from working due to organizational (e.g., supervisor preference) or employee constraints (e.g., medical restrictions).

Track Job Assignments

View current and historical employee job assignment information.

User & Change Management

Customizable data to best fit your organization.

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Unified Staff Management

A single source of truth & set of tools for managing staff member settings, schedules, time off and pay.

Custom Roles and Permissions

Capture your company specific data in organization fields. Set business rules or sort/group views around these fields.

Audit Logs

View a detailed list of critical changes that have been made.

User Authentication Options

Native and SSO – Provide options for users to easily and securely sign in.

User Workspace

An adaptable interface makes navigating WorkSight Flow easy.

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Keyboard Shortcuts

Use a variety of keyboard shortcuts to further simplify your experience in the WorkSight Flow environment.

Light/Dark Themes

A light and dark theme of the interface is built into the software, allowing you to adjust it to your preference.

Filtering and Search

Finding your employees has never been easier. Save simple or advanced filters to reuse whenever you need them.

Web Based

Work from your favorite browser -compatible with all modern browsers.

Contextual Work Spaces

Displays the relevant forms that pertain to a selected object (e.g., job or employee).


Add tags to your data to organize your views and rules that only you can imagine.

Custom Groups and Views

Views are a collection data based on schedules, time off requests, timecards or other data. Flows comes with preconfigured views that we recommend as best practices. You can add more or modify them.


Sort by anything – plus sort all your data location wide, not just by area.


Pre-built reports make it simpler to access and analyze your data.

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Analyze your data using pre-built reports.

Filters and Interactivity

Filter your data by team, date, and more to dial in on each part of your business.

Data Exports

Export reports in excel or PDF format.

Apps & Integrations

Simple and accessible integration with your favourite apps.

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API Access

The API is a powerful resource that many Flow customers use to bulk-import resources, create apps, pull data from external sources, and more.

Pre-Built Apps and Integrations

Tap into 1000+ prebuilt apps and integrations using Zapier to unite your favorite tools and important business data without writing a single line of code.

Support & Services

Everything else that makes WorkSight Flow the best option for your organization.

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Online, Email and Phone Support

Get support via our online support services, through email, or by scheduling a call with us.

Access to Flow Help Center and Community

Robust library of self-service resources to help you setup, and successfully use WorkSight Flow.

Professional Services

Hands-on configuration, solution design and advisory consultation services for deploying solutions, data migration, custom apps, and extending your platforms capabilities.