Services and Integrations

WorkSight Flow works to maximize your results by providing you with a full suite of training, consulting, and technical services.

Professional Services

WorkSight Flow's professional services are designed to help you during every step of your journey.

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Launch Assistance

We work alongside you to learn all of your workforce management needs and help you get up and running, letting the partnership between WorkSight Flow and your business meet its fullest potential.

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Optimize Configuration

As your business evolves, your needs change. WorkSight can help you reconfigure and fine-tune the platform, so we stay in step with your company—no matter how you change or grow.

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Drive Adoption

Adapt, streamline, and automate your processes so you can meet your business objectives faster.


Learn how to get the most out of WorkSight Flow through webinars, live training events, and even custom training tailored to your needs.

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Online Training

Learn from the comfort of your desk with instructor-led courses.

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In-Person Training

Join our team of experts for a live, classroom-style event in our offices or yours.

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Customized Training

We know one-size doesn't always fit all! We can tailor the training curriculum to your business's unique needs.

Customer Support

Our customer service team is here to help solve your problems and keep your customer service organization up and running.

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Access Our Knowledge Base

Our digital knowledge based covers a variety of topics to help you troubleshoot problems, and navigate the system.

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Tap Into Our Community

We serve a large variety of customers, in a wide range of industries.

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Submit A Request

We are here for you if you need help. Our support portal lets you submit, track, and view support requests.

WorkSight Flow API

Need to connect WorkSight Flow to another application? Developers can access our open API to securely send data and trigger actions.

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Extend the Functionality of your WorkSight Flow

Use the API to add functionality that's not available in the UI at a much faster pace than attempting to do it all by hand.

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Direct Method for Exporting your Data

Use the API to get schedule or timecard data for reporting purposes.

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Quickly Update Many Records

Using the UI you're only able to create a single occupation at a time in the agent interface, but with the API you could create many at a time.

Zapier Integration

Zapier is a third-party integration tool that allows users of all skill levels to integrate the apps they love.

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Automate Whatever Slows You Down

Streamline any process by automating many tasks using simple configuration.

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Connect to 1,500+ Apps

Use Zapier to connect with tools your team already uses.

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No Coding Skills Required

Zapier's easy automation tools give you the power to get stuff done without lifting a finger.

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