Flow Mobile App for Employees

Allow your employees to organize their work from anywhere.

Increase Employee Engagement

The employee mobile apps allow your team to access their schedules, oversee their time off balances, and always feel in control of their information.

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Detailed Schedule Visibility

Employees can view a detailed account of their schedule, including start and end times, activity details, work location, and breaks.

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Multiple Viewing Layout Options

The WorkSight Flow Mobile App features four different schedule layouts to suit everyone's preferences: Agenda, Daily, Weekly, and Monthly.

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Control When Schedules Can Be Seen

You control when the schedule is visible. Employees can't view the schedule until you've posted it for them to see, helping to avoid confusion and minimize grievances.

Streamline Time Off Requests

Your employees can request time off through the app. This process eliminates time-consuming paperwork and provides your HR department with a real-time log of responses and requests.

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View/Edit Time Off Requests

Employees can use the app to submit their time off requests, view their upcoming and past requests, view their request's status, and make edits to their unreviewed requests.

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Multi-Level Approval

Edits can be made to time off requests by employees before the request is reviewed by a supervisor for approval.

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View Time Off Balance Summary

Time off accrual and withdrawal details are visible in-app, giving your employees an up-to-date account of their accrual summary, how many hours they have available, their planned time off, and how many hours they've already used.

More Accurate Time Data

With access to their time data, employees can update their timecard information when necessary. It might seem like a small benefit, but for large companies with many employees, it represents a large savings of administrative time. You'll also see fewer data errors when employees can access and edit their time entries.

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Synchronize with Schedule and Timecard

WorkSight Flow helps to simplify the transfer of data. Employee timecards are automatically populated based on activities scheduled for the day.

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View/Edit Timecard Information

Employees can view and edit their actual work hours for the current period. On-call, overtime, paid and unpaid time off can also be accounted for.

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Sign-Off on Timecards

Once your employee has updated their hours it is quick and easy to validate their time entries.

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