Powering Innovation at Small Businesses to Innovative Fortune 500 Companies

From small businesses to innovative enterprise companies, WorkSight not only controls labor costs but also harnesses value hidden in workforce data to better manage employees.

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For organizations of any size that need to simplify complex time-related issues

WorkSight is flexible and fully adaptable. Our unbeatable configurability can solve for the aspects of your business that other workforce management software companies consider too small to customize to. We enable clients to customize any rule for any time-related system to any degree of specificity required.

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With WorkSight, workforce schedules will never be incomplete and payment will always be accounted for, as the software can account for any vacations, job vacancies, and complex union and payment rules as far into the future as the client needs. We come in, learn your business, and build a system with you and for you to your exact specifications.

As an IT Manager, I am well aware of how large software implementations can go wrong and how important it is to have a software partner who can keep a project on track through difficulties. Implementing WorkSight during Covid has been a challenge and I was very glad of the choice we made. The WorkSight staff we worked with were very good at helping us through the process of implementing their software across multiple divisions which each had their own unique needs and challenges. Thank you WorkSight!

- Andrew Gorman, Gorman Bros Lumber Ltd.

Having a schedule that flows directly into timecards has made our payroll process much easier. The visual aspect of being able to see how the rules get applied in the timecards is very helpful and we know your WorkSight team is always available for support if needed.

- Kim & Petra, Downie Timber Ltd.

Never Miss a Shift

Simplify Complex Union Rules

Solve "small" Problems

Automate the day-to-day